The Third Millennium

A virtual World's Fair and Exposition on the Internet.



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    These PROJECTS will be a continuing and lasting legacy of the Third Millennium Worlds Fair and Exhibition. Some millennium and related projects are being pursued today in many forms. This site can link to other sites and, hopefully, would bring them all together, perhaps with a larger commitment and with more resources. The language translation functionality, as it improves, can be extended to enlarge the global beneficiaries of these projects from their original language. As time goes on, they will be usable by an expanding population. One example of an existing global millennium project is the UN Millennium Project

  • The library project - imagine a complete major library accessible, for free, to the entire world. It could be combined with a charitable project to put access to it in every library and village in the world. A perfect metaphor for the spirit of the new millennium.

  • Links to present activities. Roving live camera crews on six continents interviewing the ordinary people of the world emphasize inclusion and diversity. EG: Let's talk to some of the last tribes in the rain forest and ask them about their concerns.

  • The World University - Online education and courses available to the entire world with emphasis on subjects that can bootstrap undeveloped communities such as water management and agriculture. As a Project, this can be expanded to the most advanced graduate courses. One example of an approach that teaches in small increments is The Kahn Academy. There are hundreds of courses taught in 10 minute increments.  Some of the Exhibits would be maintained and improved for continuing education and extended to more languages. An example would be the evolutionary journey.

  • The Global Outreach - links to all subscribing helping agencies that will help communities with resources and grants. See film clips of new improvements and the difference they make. Show organizations and individuals how they can join existing projects or start new ones. One example that represents big returns for small resources is The Water Project. Its purpose is too bring water to millions who suffer daily from this basic lack of a necessity. There are many othe such projects and they would be nourished greatly and multiplied by this medium with increased awareness and resources.

  • The Global Blackboard and translator. A forum of approved writing, poetry and images that shares cultural values that match the objectives and themes of The Third Millennium Exposition. Sustainable use of resources, Respecting and sharing cultural diversity, Peaceful means of conflict resolution.

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