The Third Millennium

A virtual World's Fair and Exposition on the Internet.



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    The Midway -The exhibits, as in any World's Fair would be unified by a virtual midway. Beyond that, any type of subdivision would be acceptable. These are just a few examples. Our imagination is the limit. In other words, there is no limit.

  • Country Exhibits - Exhibits sponsored by each participating country and corporation. This can be a main exhibit showcasing the culture and attractions and add-ons such as the virtual midway, simulations, games, socail interaction, the examples below, etc.

  • National Showcases, Exhibits, Tours - Design and build your own train, ship or barge and tour exhibits, museuums or entire countries. See St. Petersburg or Vienna from your private barge. See the Alps from your train. Today Google has technology that can show street level detail as your viewpoint glides down a street. Microsoft has Deep Zoom that can show more levels of detail as your zoom in. It is being applied to web pages in addition satellite view zoom.

  • Hands Across the World - The latest arena of growth in the virtual internet is social interaction. Futurist have also noted a trend away from focus on individual, material acquistion to the need to find a broadly meaningful life-plan and practical ways for people to help them selves and others. Even for people and groups with limited resources, there is an attraction when people realize that a little targetted contribution to others may have a leveraged effect for those in parts of the world with limited or even dire ciccumstances. An organization could highlight bootstrap oppertunities to contibute (some examples -)books, tools, used medical equipment, credit and other resources that would have a huge impact on those whose life can be transformed by the right resource. There is an natural and uplifting oppertunity for the accompanying two-way exhange, typically between cultures that were previously widely culturally and geographically separated. There are many possiblilities: person to person, community or organization to communtiy. Sponsors could help with discount shipping and matchmaking software environments. If we can spend hundreds of millions on software to buy used sneakers, this is within reach. Today there are organizations that have community to community projects. Everyone can participate with translation to their language or help from translator/moderators. This is also an obvious candidate for an ongoing project.

  • The Portal - a massive portal to the Third Millennium that you can write a brief message on. Everyone can browse this with translation to their own language.

  • The History Time Machine - move your time machine icon to any place on earth and you can travel back in time and get the history of that area.

  • The Zoological/Geological Time Machine - move your time machine icon to any place on earth and you can travel in time and see the animals at that place and time. Watch the dinasaurs evolve and die out.
  • The Evolution Journey. - Follow the evolution from protein soup to one celled organisms. Follow multi-cell organisms to the evolution of the blood stream , exoskeletons and backbone. Take side trips on all the branches with variable level of detail for all grades and interest.
  • "It's a Small World" - In the New York Worlds Fair they had a set of animated singing figures for each country. Imagine the display and interaction possibilities. Children could interact with the figures and learn foreign languages and play games while learning about the culture. This experience would not just be something to watch. The participants would be inside this world not viewers.At this time in May,2008 Walt Disney Corp has a free site the - Virtual Magic Kingdom - with nearly a million participants that it is planning on discontinuing. It also has other Virtual Worlds based on Disney characters such as Fairies based on Tinkerbell and other fairies. These are existing examples of possibilities.
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