The Third Millennium

A virtual World's Fair and Exposition on the Internet.



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The highest functioning level of the environment would be a virtual world within the Internet (like the three-dimensional online games) that will require some downloaded software for virtual effects. The dominant mode would be a 3D view - first person or overhead. Whenever possible, especially in the outreach projects, versions with less computer resource demand should be available.

It was predicted by a science Fiction writer that in the new millennium, in addition to games, we would conduct an important part of our lives in a virtual Internet environment, a new universe - the "Metaverse"

The many online games are an example of Metaverses. There is no technological hurdle to start an online immersive metaverse for the Third Millennium. This metaverse a Millennium World's Fair and continuing projects of global benefit could be the most important, and widely beneficial yet.

A bonus idea - a software company or open code consortium could create a new paradgm for a web browser:

Build your own Millennium Cyber Ship. It can be customized in design and functions.

The control room will be the future of browsers and/or operating systems as as they become three dimensional - no more 2 dimensional windows. Your view could swing around to a 3D control room and other rooms in your Millennium Cyber Ship. You could customize to have a navigation room, a media room, a library, a game room, a laboratory, a communication-meeting room, an office etc. When display panels or controls are "acquired" they would expand like present applications.

The Third Millennium virtual universe can be a planet, galaxy, or larger - the imagination is the limit. Your Millennium Cyber ship can be used to navigate longer distances. For personal interaction you could leave your ship and your Avatar (chosen image) could move around using functions on "heads up displays" to interact with people, the environment and and exhibits. There would also be a system of flash transport as in Second Life. Google now has earth simulations for entertainment and learning. A virtual look at our future world. Some corporate sites would be here. An example of an exhibition would be homes of the future. Instead of being a passive site to view; each visitor could design their own home and others could visit it. Invite your friends. EarthSIM 2000 try to transition the earth from dependence on non-renewable, polluting resources to a sustainable clean environment before climatic destabilization and economic crisis. Explore the edge of chaos and understand climate structures and tipping points.

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